About That's Good Garlic!

What is it? Why the funny name?

THAT'S GOOD GARLIC! An all-purpose, handmade, single-batch whipped garlic spread, dip, sauce, marinade, rub, condiment. It's an inspiration and celebration of different culinary origins throughout the world. Originally, we were inspired by a recipe known as Toum, a Lebanese garlic paste. We found more recipes similar to Toum, like Agliata, a Greek recipe, and a Romanian recipe known as Mujdei, so we started to "play" with our food. ​

Our unique processing method allows the spicy essence and freshness of garlic to shine, unlike the bottled or pre-packaged garlic found in stores which doesn't compare to THAT'S GOOD GARLIC!

squeezable all-purpose garlic

THAT'S GOOD GARLIC! is a versatile, high-quality and convenient spread sure to delight the pickiest of palettes. ​

What's in it? Ingredients: Non-GMO Canola/Olive Oil Blend, Garlic, Lemon Juice from Concentrate* (*Small amount of SULFITES), Water, Jacobsen Kosher Sea Salt. 

1 Tablespoon = 1 Clove

Oh yeah, the name? When trying to think up a good name, we recalled folks' remarks once they tried our whipped garlic: "THAT'S GOOD!" was a common reply. So, voila! We had the name before we knew it!

We're sure once you try THAT'S GOOD GARLIC!, whether fresh or cooked, you'll say "THAT'S GOOD!"